Trump Derangement Syndrome afflicts Billionaire and Millionaire Elite Like “Stepford Wives” in the “Valley of the Dolls” Plus – The truth about Robert Mueller? Can you handle the truth? Jan 24, 2019 – by Patrick Kelly – Gonzo at Large

Trump Derangement Syndrome afflicts Billionaire and Millionaire Elite Like “Stepford Wives” in the “Valley of the Dolls” Plus – The truth about Robert Mueller? Can you handle the truth? Jan 24, 2019 – by Patrick Kelly – Gonzo at Large

There is a classic line in the 1968 movie The Green Berets starring John Wayne that can be applied to the current push toward Socialism by the Democrats and their desire for a New World Order.

Picture this:
A Huey helicopter is skimming along the jungle tree tops and Jim Hutton – the Special Forces medic Peterson, and David Janssen – the cynical newspaper reporter George Beckworth are riding in the cargo space looking out over the landscape and Peterson laughs and says, “Ah, the magic of the orient. This trip is going to make LSD seem like aspirin.”

This pretty much defines the present social and political conflict between the Progressive ruling class behind Nancy Pelosi and President Trump, who is backed by the working men and women of America.

I look at how Barack Obama, assisted by Deep State political operatives, Liberal Politicos and Progressive lunatics brought this country to its knees through Obama’s marching orders which resulted in Class Warfare, extreme Racial Division and violence, while it decimated the economy, the military, and the American people.

We had the nation’s highest unemployment, record numbers of people on food stamps, unemployment compensation, financial assistance, all forms of government welfare and a financially and emotionally devastated middle and working class known as the “Working Poor.”

America crash landed in the gutter with no hope in sight for rescue or recovery.
Then the media persuaded many people into believing that Hillary was going to be the next president while she planned to continue Obama’s policies and step up the devastation.

She planned to raise taxes higher and improve the Constitution through more censorship of free speech severely limiting the first amendment.

Then she would induce more restrictive gun laws with the eventual goal of gun confiscation along with elimination of the second amendment.

She ridiculed working Americans calling them “Walmart shoppers in the Basket of Deplorables who cling to their God and guns.”

To make matters worse every major news source with the exception of Fox News and One America News endorsed her and sang her praise.

Complete with a rigged election, Hillary was certain she won before the ballots were even cast and when the final votes were counted, reality hit like a ten-thousand-pound shit hammer that splattered her ego and crashed her victory party.

The repercussions turned to extreme animosity and hatred for the victor, Donald Trump, and his legion of supporters.

What’s amazing is that within the first two weeks the country kicked into high gear and prosperity returned breaking every economic record in the last fifty years.

The Deep State and Progressives became enflamed like a burning rectum full of hemorrhoids with a generous coat of Ben Gay.

This lit them on fire with a hatred for the working class who voted Trump in office, worse than ever.

It was a giant kick in the nuts for the ruling elite who had victory thru Hillary on the mind.

It also gave birth to a form of mental illness called “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”
People were speaking gibberish in tongues and running around enraged, screaming like their hair was on fire.

Nearly half the country had to be sedated.

The purveyors of the new world order went from singing the Louis Armstrong classic, “What a wonderful world” to singing AC/DC’s “High to Hell.”

The financiers of the Socialist movement are billionaires from New York and Silicon Valley whose wealth inspired dementia had them coked up with the belief that they would become the Masters of the Universe.

Trump’s political revolution now has them stupefied like “Stepford Wives” living in the “Valley of the Dolls” while they rummage through their spouses’ purse lusting for their Xanax and Valium to take the edge off their despair.

It seems their only recourse now is domination by force and the Deep State goons are fully operational, motivated to bring the House of Trump tumbling down and they will stoop as low as they have to go in order to succeed.

I find it hard to believe that with our rebirth of prosperity for every race, creed, and culture that these wealth hoarding psychopaths wanted the economy to crash and send the US tumbling into a third world depression.

On “The View”, January 22nd, the spiteful and quarrelsome Joy Behar brazenly announced, “We are desperate to get Trump out of office.”

Her vast slew of middle aged vixens, shrews, and spinsters cheered with over whelming reckless abandon after that retort.

These same people have taken sides with the likes of Bob Mueller who is hell bent on destroying everyone who supports the President and see Trump impeached with his empire in ashes as they walk him out of office and into prison for “Making America Great Again.”

So, let me fill you in somewhat on the real Bob Mueller

In the highly acclaimed book, Robert Mueller: Errand boy for the New World Order by John Milkovich, Milkovich points out that Mueller went official on the payroll as a Deep State “Fixer” when President George H W Bush hired him to cover up improprieties conducted on a wide spread scale by the FBI and CIA.

In Chapter 10, p.135 Milkovich refers to the book, “Killing the Deep State, The Fight to Save President Trump” by Jerome Corsi.

“Corsie argues that Trump was targeted by the Deep State because he threatened the cash-driven political schemes of international financiers and their accomplices in national governments across the Globe: The Deep State’s operation of “the international drug trade while supporting the military-industrial complex in a policy of perpetual war.333”

Now you can see why we’ve been at war since the 9/11 incident; why Pelosi and Schumer are dead set against having a wall on the southern border along with the rise in popularity of Sanctuary Cities.

p. 136 “Thus, Trump was a threat to the military, political and economic machinations of global operators. According to Corsi, he was also a threat to expose the betrayals of national interests by former administrations.

“The risk the Deep State faced if Trump actually succeeded in winning the election was exposure of four traitorous US presidencies. George H.W. Bush, along with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, engineered such criminal travesties as the invasion of Iraq, a “fast and furious” gunrunning to the Mexican drug cartels, more illegal gunrunning to Libya and Syria, as well as a plan to support Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of the top levels of the US national security apparatus…”

P. 138 “Ultimately, says Corsi, it was not just Trump that was the enemy of the Deep State – but a sovereign and free America, and its traditional beliefs. Thus, “What Hillary and the hard-left ideology she embraced aimed to destroy was the Judeo-Christian ethics and the free enterprise principals that have been keys to the success of the American experiment.”340

And what was at stake was not just the Presidency, but America: “What is at stake…is not just the presidency of Donald J. Trump but the very survival (of) a United States of America that allows the Constitution and our fundamental freedoms to continue for future generationa,”342

Are you beginning to get the picture now?

This is just the tip of the ice berg of corruption which has led to a common thread of dissent most commonly bestowed upon us by the national media best understood by definition as cognitive dissident.

“A person for whom exposure to cognitive dissonance has resulted in rational conclusions contrary to the ‘official’ narrative of history and/or culture. If this dissonance becomes great enough, the person will be compelled to start producing new cognitive dissonance, becoming a cognitive dissident.

An activist who disseminates information aimed at changing peoples’ opinions regarding an immoral status-quo could be regarded as a cognitive dissident”

Now to think that William Barr, under the scrutiny of cross examination to lead the Department of Justice, said that he has every faith in Bob Mueller to do “what’s right” in the Russian Collusion investigation because he is an “honorable man” and that should drive people to hysterics. What a crock!

It was Barr who assisted Mueller in the cover up of the incident at Ruby Ridge, Idaho where an FBI sniper shot and killed an UNARMED MOTHER WITH A BABY IN HER ARMS, standing in the door of her own home, and also shot and killed her son, a 14-year-old boy, all because the husband/father refused to go undercover and infiltrate the Aryan Brotherhood at Hayden Lake as an FBI informant.

From: William Barr’s Connection to Ruby Ridge, Defending FBI Snipers | The American Conservative

Now check out this article

Robert Mueller: The Old Fixer is back in town. The new special counsel was Comey’s predecessor at the FBI appointed to cover up the rampant corruption by the fired FBI Director.

From: State of the Nation
This is report is verbatim

Investigations into the financial holdings of James B. Comey and former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller reveal astounding conflicts of interest. These relationships would have stopped anyone else from being offered the top law enforcement job in the country.

Comey has been the FBI director since 2013 when he replaced 12-year director Robert S. Mueller who was chief counsel for London-based bank HSBC which was exposed in 2015 for sheltering $100 billion in client funds in murky offshore tax havens populated by drug dealers, money launderers, and arms traffickers.

Comey also served as chief counsel for Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world. In 2012, Comey’s Bridgewater salary was $6,632,616 just before taking over the helm at the FBI.

In his first year at the FBI, he received another $3.3 million in Bridgewater severance cash outs. A year later, his net worth jumped up to $34 million.

Comey also disclosed direct holdings in IBM Eclipse Foundation members: Verizon, Intel, Emerson Electric, Microsoft, Qualcomm, AT&T, Apple, HP, Morgan Stanley, Lockheed Martin, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, none of which has ever been disclosed or caused him to recuse himself in any case.

Comey was a director of the London money launderer extraordinaire, HSBC.

Even the Clinton Foundation website boasts about the HSBC donations.

This fact alone disqualifies Comey from involvement in any Hillary Clinton investigation.

Robert Mueller’s salary went from $1.8 million in 2001 to $7.0 million in 2011.

Mueller held Defenders Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund LLC and Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fund LLC. These “funds of funds” invest in other hedge funds. Mueller’s exclusive funds were not open to the public.

The minimum investment in several of the funds of funds is $10,000,000. But as HSBC whistleblower Hervé Falciani revealed in 2015, many are secret havens for money laundering, arms trafficking, and tax evasion.

Both Mueller hedge funds were managed by Mellon Bank of New York (BNY). No less than ten (10) BNY directors were shared between Mueller’s Defenders and Mellon Optima funds. Tellingly, the FBI never prosecuted any of these BNY Ponzi schemers associated with Mueller’s Defenders hedge fund or Comey’s actions with Bridgewater.[1]

Now here’s the second excerpt which delves even more deeply into Robert Mueller’s professional proficiency in the “cover-up” department

Even while U.S. Attorney in San Francisco, Mueller worked to cover-up the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, and Ruby Ridge evidence by changing the rules of evidence so that the FBI and prosecution did not have to share as much evidence with defense attorneys in the cases as would have been required in the past.

He changed the Brady rules of evidence in concert with the U.S. prosecutor Beth Wilkinson in the McVeigh and Nichols case who had assumed a position in the same department at Department of Justice that Mueller had worked earlier.

Mueller was brought into D.C. to head the transition team for Ashcroft, whereupon he proceeded to steer Ashcroft through the cover-ups by FBI and DOJ on the Oklahoma City bombing case.

Mueller did such a superb job that Ashcroft personally nominated Mueller to Bush for FBI director to help perpetuate the FBI and DOJ cover-ups of Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Mueller was also involved in covering up the Noriega, BCCI, and BNL banking scandals of Bush Senior. Mueller worked closely at several points with Larry Potts, the former Deputy Director of the FBI, who was kicked out of the FBI for lying about the FBI having Vickie Weaver murdered.

Congress investigated Mueller’s and the FBI’s handling of memos from FBI agents Coleen Rowley and Ken Williams before the 9/11 attacks about the Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda connections to hijacker pilots training in the U.S. Mueller’s ties to the Saudis and BCCI are especially troubling because the FBI had been ordered not to investigate Saudi businessmen, Saudi Royals, and government officials that had been backing Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Bin Laden in their efforts to attack the U.S.

Mueller was Acting Deputy Director of the DOJ from January through May, went home for a month and was then nominated to head the FBI.

The Judiciary Committee and the Senate acted on Mueller’s nomination and within 2 weeks he was confirmed, but then it took over a month to swear him in as FBI director, just in time for the 911 attacks creating plausible deniability for the new director.

See our article below for more details on how 9-11 was planned and implemented by United States citizens, including many names that have been mentioned already. 

By every indication thus far, Robert Mueller was the first choice of Deep State to further the soft coup against the Trump administration.

His extensive “insider” resume reflects an intelligence community operative who is willing to protect the system at all costs.

There is very little in Mueller’s background that reflects any degree of personal honesty or professional integrity.

By all appearances, he is a hardened agent of Deep State willing to provide a deceptive veneer of respectability to the totally corrupt institution known as the FBI.

State of the Nation – May 25, 2017

This article in and of itself should scare the living hell out of every voting age American citizen. There is no higher power with a greater personal history of corruption than Robert Mueller except for that of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Bush Crime Family.

The only greater fear for the common man is to be wanted for an interview by the FBI or any branch of Federal Law Enforcement and/or the Intelligence Community.

This charade has given new life to “Preppers” and “Survivalists” who realize what’s at stake and have taken it on themselves to protect themselves, their families and property in the event of martial law, civil war, or the seemingly impending Socialist take over by the Democrat party.

In this video, “A Civil War is Coming to America”, John Mark explains in his production of “Mark My Words” that people should recognize what is happening in America today based on the conflict over the “Border Wall” and the net result is that people should prepare for to “Go John Wick” to survive.

On a side note, pastor Joe Fox is a retired US Army Special Forces – Green Beret and National Intelligence Officer. He’s a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) instructor, Armed/Unarmed Combat instructor, former Firefighter and Boy Scouts Scoutmaster.

In my mind he doesn’t explain why Pelosi is not on board with Trump on approving the money for the wall but he does have it right that “a fight is coming” and he gives some valid thoughts on the probability of chaos and the need for people to be prepared.

Like he says, “Civility is coming to an end.”

Fox says, “There will be a coup of one kind or another.”
His video presentation is worth watching but it doesn’t get interesting until about seven minutes and 30 seconds in.

It’s still worth viewing.

The bottom line to his presentation is that you will need people you can trust and count on to survive what’s coming. Add to that, they must be able to keep a few secrets.

A Special Forces associate of mine, Jeff Kirkham, has dedicated his life to helping people prepare for the unimaginable consequences of total chaos.
He has written about it in a book titled “Black Autumn” which is a post- apocalyptic thriller and a good primer to get you thinking “What if.”

Jeff also started a business called “Readyman” which you can access on-line.
Based on Jeff’s experience around the world in hostile environments, he has produced a line of quality products to help you be prepared and ready for anything.

Check it out at

It doesn’t take a genius to stay on top of our ever-changing political climate but it does take some initiative to be accurately informed.

You owe it to yourself to keep vigilant, alert, and stay safe in an increasingly dangerous and hostile world.

Pity the fool who lacks the where-with-all to be informed and ready to defend his life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which means ready for chaos.

Information is the key and an ounce of preparation is worth a ton of cure.

And so, it goes,

Patrick Kelly – Gonzo at Large

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